Levittown Experts Answer your Questions

In Levittown, the best referrals are those we receive from friends and  neighbors. Levittown Comfort is your hyper- local, online source for that information. That’s why we are compiling a panel of local experts to answer your questions and meet your needs as a Levittown homeowner.

Our Ask the Expert series, comprised of businesses who provide service to homes in Levittown, will answer your questions. We want to hear your questions about your Levittown home, from the inside out,  from the top to bottom (even underground).

We will be featuring experts from  the businesses you see in your neighborhood, every day. Our goal is to share their knowledge with you in your search for  quality service and comfort in Levittown.

Our “Experts” will share monthly blog posts and be a part of out online network.

To submit your question for an Expert, or for more information on joining our professional panel, post your comment here or send an email to: comfortcurator@gmail.com

After Hurricane SandyYour Home Needs Repair, Who can you trust?

As I drove through Levittown this week, I noticed a bevy of signs. I’m not talking about those red, white, and blue signs promoting presidential candidates.I’m referring to the abundance of business signs. Businesses that I have never seen or heard from, until now.

I find it a bit troubling that budding new businesses now appear as many homeowners are in dire need of help. It made me wonder, who can you trust? There are certain guidelines a homeowner should follow when seeking anyone to do work on their home, at any time, but especially in the wake of a storm when homeowners may be a bit vulnerable.

Unscrupulous scammers often prey on distraught homeowners after natural disasters

BBB warns about “Storm Chasers” following the Hurricane

Trust, references and Ask the Experts is what the Better Business Bureau recommends. when choosing a contractor.

Levittown was one of the hardest hit areas in Bucks County. With many homeowners still waiting for trees to be removed, and roofs to be repaired, I am looking for your story. Share in the comments, how you found a dependable contractor.