8 grammar mistakes you need to stop making immediately


The above image on the left was posted to Levittown Comfort’s Facebook page and was shared nineteen times. In an effort to correct the mistake, I posted the image on the right which was shared once. Did you see it right away? I didn’t and it kills me, even though it was just a typo. I’m no expert, but I’m constantly concerned with my spelling and grammar. So, why are so many seemingly unconcerned?
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11 Simple Ways to Tie a Scarf

11-simple-ways-to-tie-a-scarfCroppedWhen it comes to scarves, I typically perform the Drape or the Once Around only because I’m not hip to all the other choices out there. Well, now I am and here’s an infographic that I found that could come in very handy in Levittown as we’re still mired in this deep freeze. I think by Thursday I’ll be more of a Reverse Drape Cross kind of guy. Stay warm and fashionable, Levittown!

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