The Legend of Byberry


Growing up in Levittown I heard a lot of creepy stories about Byberry. Officially the Philadelphia State Hopsital, it was a mental institution off Roosevelt Boulevard that opened in 1907. After it finally closed in 1990, urban legends spread about insane patients being released to the streets, Satanists roaming its vacant halls and secret underground tunnels. It turns out all of these were true, but it pales in comparison to the real horrors that took place while the asylum was still in commission.
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Simone Levitt: The Widow Levittown


Most who live in Levittown, Pa are familiar with William J. Levitt and his accomplishments, but what do we really know about William J. Levitt the man? In a recent article posted by New York Magazine, Levitt’s surviving widow, Simone, gives us and interesting insight into the father of our humble town, how they lived when he was one of the richest men America and why she now lives in a small, rented apartment in New York at age 84.
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100 Greatest Classic Simpson’s Quotes


When The Simpsons began I was finishing up my time at St. Michael the Archangel school. The prime-time cartoon was so groundbreaking that the teachers at St. Mikes sent us kids home with letters warning our parents that this animated show was not kid friendly. That seems so silly now, considering TV these days, but that was 1989. Who knew the Simpson’s brand of irreverent and sarcastic humor would be around this long?
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“One Inch of Snow” Trailer Shows the Terror in Atlanta


When we get eight inches of snow, there are always those that live up north to laugh and point us as we panic, close schools and declare a state of emergency. Naturally, the more northerly your latitude, the more used to snow you are and the more fun it is to mock those who are less prepared in the south. Wherever you are, there’s always a portion of the country that is less accustomed to the white stuff. Well, maybe not for Atlanta.
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