Teaching Team Hitting

How do you teach team hitting?

softball playerOne thing I enjoy is talking hitting. Love listening to coaches, parents and players sharing their opinions on hitting. I have been teaching / coaching hitting for over 14 years now and the conversation never gets old. We all know that the single most difficult task in any of the sports is to hit a round ball with a round bat. That said, I would like to strike up a conversation on teaching hitting.
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30 Books you need to read in 2014, and does anyone still read “real” books?

With today’s rapidly changing technology, I feel like I am in the minority of people who still have to have a real book in myLC old book pic hands, with real pages bent used as a bookmark. My “real” book does not power down because the battery is dead,  I can spill a little coffee on my real book, leave it in my backseat without a window being busted to get to it, lend it to a friend when I done with it. You get the gist right?
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It ain’t Christmas, it’s Eagles/Cowboys Week

My Top 5 Eagles/ Cowboys Games

With Christmas finally out of the way now, just kidden! Let’s start over.

With Christmas Day behind us, the football frenzy commonly known as Eagles/Cowboys week officially commences. How much better can this get to end a regular season? Two rivals square off with the division title to the victors. Priceless.

Much can be said about the mediocrity of the NFC East, and there isn’t much to defend that this year. That said, the EaglesNEPC eagles player sacking romo have more, if not the only,
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10 Ways to Cook A Turkey

Are you tired of the same old Thanksgiving turkey year after year?  Does your Thanksgiving usually include a turkey cooking LC turkey in oven piccatastrophe?  Does that poor, dried out and tasteless bird sit on your table quietly mocking you for having lost the battle with it once again?  Have no fear!  I’ve compiled a list of ten delicious ways to turn your turkey into the centerpiece of your dinner table.  And get this; some of the cooking methods are actually easy!  So don’t let that turkey intimidate you this year.  Approach it with a new cooking method, a fresh mindset and show that turkey who’s boss!

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