Levittown’s, Kelli Haskins, Needs Your Vote to Win the Pillsbury Bake Off!

Kelli Haskins Pillsbury Bake Off Levittown Bensalem E-HouseWe had the great fortune last night to meet up with Levittown’s, Kelli Haskins, at the E-House in Bensalem where she was giving out samples of her Smoky Chorizo Pizza, a top 100 finalist recipe in the Pillsbury Bake Off.

“I took things I do already and incorporated it in a seven ingredient recipe,” she said. “I like to take flavors that people aren’t familiar with and present them in a familiar way to open the door for them. I used great ingredients from Spanish cooking—chorizo, sherry vinegar, peppers—and put them in a pizza recipe,” she said.

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