Preventing Black Marks on the Walls from Your Baseboard Heaters

BaseboardHeaterGhostingECI Comfort recently received a call from a long-time Levittown customer in North Park that was concerned about black marks on the walls above his baseboard heaters while spring cleaning. This is referred to as ghosting or thermal tracking, which is a relatively common phenomenon that plagues both old and new construction. Here’s a look into the causes and some things you can do to prevent it.
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Know Your Local Wings: Bailey’s Bar & Grille


Our latest local wing article takes us to Bailey’s Plaza on Emilie Road where Bailey’s Bar and Grille, invites you to come for the wings and stay for the fun. Bailey’s wings have a solid reputation in Levittown and their all-you-can-eat wings Monday night special is legendary. We came for the wings, but retreated to review headquarters to show you what you can expect from a local favorite.
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Bolton Farm Cemetery: A Levittown Easter Egg


In pop culture speak, the term Easter egg represents some secret, little known, hidden object or event usually found in software and games. If Levittown has an “Easter egg” of its own it would be this hidden, historical gem located along Levittown Parkway in the Holly Hill section. Perhaps centuries old, this timeworn graveyard is home to the memorials of some of the Bolton Mansion’s earliest residents.
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Spotlight On: 2nd Chance Books


There’s nothing like the comfort of cozying up with a good book. Recently we stopped by to meet Dale at 2nd Chance Books, a gently used bookstore in the Penn Valley Shopping Center on New Falls Road that specializes in fiction, romance and children’s books. But, no matter your fancy, you’re bound to find a good book that deserves a second look…

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The Legend of Byberry


Growing up in Levittown I heard a lot of creepy stories about Byberry. Officially the Philadelphia State Hopsital, it was a mental institution off Roosevelt Boulevard that opened in 1907. After it finally closed in 1990, urban legends spread about insane patients being released to the streets, Satanists roaming its vacant halls and secret underground tunnels. It turns out all of these were true, but it pales in comparison to the real horrors that took place while the asylum was still in commission.
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And Along Came Chip by Merrill Reese


Thursday March 13th, Merrill Reese, in his capacity as chamber member and co-owner of Levittown radio station WBCB 1490, was the guest speaker for the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce’s Bucks Business Connect at historic Pennsbury Manor. Our cameras were rolling as Merrill shared his perspective on the Philadelphia Eagles unexpected success in the 2013 season, free agency, and his take on the future of the Eagles under Chip Kelly.

The Lower Buck County Chamber of Commerce has a couple of killer events coming up, namely, The Bucks County Ball, this coming Saturday, March 22nd, and the ECONference: Bucks County Regional Economic Development Conference & Expo, May 8th at Parx Casino in Bensalem, PA. Check out the details below after you see this amazing talk by Merrill.

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