A Look Back at the Worst Winter Ever, This Year!


This weekend is going to be beautiful. And, now that winter finally feels over-ish, we can all look back at the horror of the past season and have a good chuckle. Remember when it was freezing all the time, we lost power and battled with severe depression? HA! Good times. Well, it’s time to get happy and relive those hilarious images of the not distant enough past as we say good riddance to Old Man Winter.
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Spotlight On: Kari’s Cheesecakes & Bakery


A week ago I stopped by to meet Kari at Kari’s Cheesecakes and Bakery located in Bailey’s Plaza on Emilie Road. Since then I’m pretty sure that I’ve eaten more cheesecake and confections then I have my entire life. Seriously, I was a strange child that didn’t like sweets and have only recently developed a sweet tooth. Well, I’ve seen the light and am telling you that you need to stop by Kari’s charming Levittown bakery if you haven’t already.
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What’s That Noisy Bird’s Deal?


The weather is getting nicer and that means, like me, a lot of you are beginning to hear a nonstop, seemingly never-ending series of a dozen or so different bird whistles coming from somewhere around your house. If so, you have yourself a Northern Mockingbird friend, friend! And, hopefully you can appreciate their beautiful songs because they also tend to enjoy singing into the night. (click my pics for a super fancy version)
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