A Look Back at the Worst Winter Ever, This Year!


This weekend is going to be beautiful. And, now that winter finally feels over-ish, we can all look back at the horror of the past season and have a good chuckle. Remember when it was freezing all the time, we lost power and battled with severe depression? HA! Good times. Well, it’s time to get happy and relive those hilarious images of the not distant enough past as we say good riddance to Old Man Winter.

Before we were aware of the season that was about to unfold, we got our first real winter storm in the fall on December 10th.

The first snowfall is often exciting. Some of us were giddy as schoolchildren, which is exactly why I made the video above. The majesty of a not yet winter’s morn and the peaceful quiet that befell our hometown after our scorching summer was magical! Little did we know…

Not long after the winter of 2013-2014 got started, the holidays were upon us. I don’t recall a winter in recent memory where the town was as consistently covered with snow, but it made for fine production value in the Levittown Lights video above.

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In the midst of our cabin fever, Levittown got pretty creative. Above are some snow sculptures submitted and posted on Levittown Comfort’s Facebook page.


The adorable Daisy from Cobalt Ridge enjoyed the snow, but had just about enough by February 13th much like the rest of us. Below are some more images submitted on our Facebook page.

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And, on February 13th, my much needed celebration after the last big shovel after a relentless winter season:


Enjoy your spring, Levittown. You deserve it!

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