50 Shocking and Hilarious Photos from the Past


1900 mid-sneeze lady

Here at Levittown Comfort, we love us some nostalgia. Unfortunately, Levittown nostalgia can only go back as far as the early ’50s. This recently published collection of pictures takes back even farther and reminds us that people many generations ago were just like us in their love of selfies, cats and technology.

Here are some highlights from a recent Distractify article:


Whether it’s 1839, 1959 or today, taking a selfie is darn near irresistible!

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No matter the decade, we sure love humiliating our pets, and in some cases our dinner, in photographs!


Whoever said times were tough in the early to middle portions of last century obviously forgot about the auto-scrolling GPS and the 1963 version of Google Glass.

1920sPlankingThey even had planking in the 1920s, though I don’t believe Tebow-ing was a thing yet.


And, in 1939, just like today, women had their face cones.


What happened to our whisky vending machines!?

To see these and a bunch more, check out the full article at Distractify!

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