5 Already Outdated Google Map Pictures of Levittown

EdgelyRoadOldThose woods to the right at Edgely and Mill Creek are now a Bottom Dollar Food store that opened on October 3rd, 2013. At some point Google Maps did a complete sweep of Levittown taking pictures of everything. If we look close enough at the clues we can begin to figure out just about when.

711OldRemember pumping up at this 7-11? Well, not anymore. I’ll never forget paying less than a dollar a gallon at this refueling spot back in the mid ’90s. But, those days are long gone just like their gas pumps. The 7-11 is still there, though. Great soft pretzels!

CheckersOldLook at those people. Getting their seasoned burgers and Baconzilla!® Fries. I’m so jealous even though I had my chance. Oh well. If I’m craving burgers and hot dogs there’s always Sonic! Oh, wait…

RiteAidOldHa! Remember when the Rite Aid by 5-points lived in a trailer? I didn’t do any shopping here while the store was in flux, but I could imagine how cramped the card aisle would be around the holidays. Thankfully, the trailer is no more and we’re left with a spiffy, new Rite Aid pharmacy.

DaBarOh, Da Bar. Even if you didn’t frequent it, you were likely familiar with it’s goofy name and you might have even heard a rumor that it was owned by an ex-Philadelphia Eagle’s player. Well it wasn’t and now THE bar has a new, Levittown zip-code friendly, name - The Five Four Bar & Grill.


55HollyhockOldA personal one – this is the house in Holly Hill that I grew up in. That’s my grand mom’s Toyota Corolla. She used to move her car in the driveway, multiple times a day, based on the position of the sun in the sky. So, this pic must have been snapped in the late morning as she tried to catch the last of the shade from our neighbor’s flowering dogwood. In the afternoon it would be moved under the big pine tree that is no longer there (smart move, new family!). My grand mom passed away on October 28th, 2012, the day before Superstorm Sandy arrived. Recently I found this image and was taken aback. At first I didn’t know how to feel at the reminder of my grand mom’s passing, but later came to appreciate that this last little memory of her was waiting to be found on the interwebs. So, I guess, thanks Google Maps?

Based on these pictures, the fact that it must be pre-October 28th, and the color of the leaves, my guess is that Google collected their images sometime in late September early October 2012. If you have any more information or spot any other clues in the pictures that can help narrow down the date, please share in the comments section below. Maybe that guy doing the landscaping in the 7-11 picture knows…

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