41 Sections, A Levittown Story

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The 41sections brand started as an idea by two brothers, Jim and Matt Mulholland, to create a company using a combination of things that they were passionate about. The idea was to combine art, clothing, and the town they grew up in. 41 sections is an indie clothing brand.

The name comes from the number of “sections” or neighborhoods in the town of Levittown, Pa. Using the town they grew up in is at the heart of their company because Levittown is important to these brothers. Three generations of their family have lived in Levittown so far. In fact, their grandfather worked for William Levitt as a tile installer helping to build Levittown, New York. He then followed Levitt to Pennsylvania and helped build Levittown, Pa. Their grandfather owned two houses in Levittown; one in each of the Stoneybrook and Kenwood sections.

Their father, William Mulholland, also worked for Levitt as a sheet metal worker and helped build a Levitt project in Bowie, Maryland. William Jr. and his wife Johanna, ended up buying their first home in the Farmbrook section of Levittown, where Jim and Matt grew up with their older sister and brother. Matt eventually ended up buying this childhood home and lived there until 2008, when he sold it and moved to the Lower Orchard section. He resides there to this day.

As you can see, the owners of the 41 sections brand have their roots in this working class town. The brand is inspired by living their childhood, teenage, and young adulthood years in Levittown. The brand embraces suburbia, middle class, blue collar, and hard working, American values. The clothing line is inspired by lives filled with music, community sports and playing in a close knit neighborhood, or as they call it…a section.

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  1. Great idea, which I will share with others, especially at Bristol Township Senior Center. I hope the concept grows into a very vibrant online community.

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